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Asphalt Testing SERVICES


  • Binder Content & Grading ASTM D2172
  • Gradation on Asphalt aggregate after extraction ASTM C136
  • Viscosity
  • Marshal Test for Density, Stability & Flow & Loss of stability ASTM D 1559
  • Maximum theoretical Specific gravity of bituminous paving mixture ASTM D2041
  • Bulk Specific gravity & Density of compacted bituminous mixture ASTM D2726
  • Penetration ASTM D5
  • Flash & Fire Points ASTM D92
  • Asphalt Sampling at Site ASTM D75
  • Asphalt Coring
  • Density & Thickness of Asphalt cores ASTM D2726
  • Prime coat/Tack Coat Application determination
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