Soil Testing Service

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  1. Sieve Analysis of coarse and fine aggregate ASTM C136
  2. Percentage of Material passing Sieve 200 ASTM C117
  3. Consolidated Undrained Compression for cohesive soil ASTM D 4746
  4. Consolidated drained compression triaxial test ASTM D 7181
  5. Standard test method for load control triaxial strength ASTM D 5311/ASTMD5311 M
  6. Standard test method for California bearing ratio ASTM D 1883
  7. Standard method for unconfined compression test ASTM D2166/ASTM D2166 M
  8. Standard test method for one dimensional consolidation test ASTM D 2435/D2435 M
  9. Modified Proctor ASTM D 1557
  10. Standard Proctor ASTM D 698
  11. Minimum & Maximum Index Density ASTM D 4253 & D4254
  12. CBR ASTM D1883
  13. Field Density Test ASTM D2922 & D 1556
  14. Hydrometer Analysis ASTM D422
  15. Classification of Soil ASTM D-2487

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